Thursday, 23 April 2015

Excellent Advantages of Same Day Courier 
Services, Anywhere, Anytime at an Affordable Price

The different methods people have used to send cargo and written messages has evolved considerably over time, right from the pigeon and horseback rider to the modern day postal systems and couriers. It is now the age of quick transmission, everybody wants everything instantly, whether in their personal or professional life.

Only the most versatile and experienced couriers in the marketplace can ensure the “instant” service we all crave. They are quick, safe and dependable, getting your deliveries to their destination in a flash. Such services believe in 100% customer satisfaction and will strive to maintain it at all costs, understanding the urgency required to deliver sensitive and time critical consignments, securely and on time. Meeting these objectives can only be achieved with the help of a team of diligent and conscientious staff. Employees at these companies are professionally trained and undergo ongoing monitoring, helping them operate in the highly efficient and systematic manner that is required within any high pressure industry.

Companies like DKB Despatch offer a comprehensive range of services, specialising in the same day courier sector. These businesses have to recruit skilled logistics coordinators in order to survive in such a competitive field. Every customer expects that their collections and deliveries will be carried out in the shortest possible time and with the minimum amount of fuss. DKB Despatch understands their clients choose a same day courier service because of the speed and security it provides and every effort is made to ensure that every single customer is completely satisfied and gets the level of service they deserve and have paid for. 

From short hops across town to long distance journeys to and from remote places, your trusted same day courier service will get it there for you on time and safe and sound.
Most courier professionals attain their results with the help of live electronic tracking technology. This also allows the customer to keep track of the progression of their goods right up until they are delivered. DKB Despatch utlises these facilities along with every other available resource, to ensure it stays at the forefront of the same day courier industry in terms of reliability, speed and security.

So the next time you have a delivery that must get to it’s destination urgently. No matter of the size, whether an envelope or lorry full. Give DKB Despatch a call.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bicycle Messengers

There are a great many different  vehicles used within the same day courier industry, which one is best for your delivery  will depend on a number of factors and your specific needs. Choosing the right vehicle can not only save you money but can also as ensure that your goods are transported in the safest and most secure way.

Lets take a look at the Bicycle Same Day Courier. Bicycle messengers have been used as far back as the 1860s, very shortly after the first form of pedal driven vehicles were developed.

Bicycles are ideal for deliveries within busy cities where traffic can significantly slow down other forms of transport, bicycles have a great advantage in that they can weave around the traffic getting your goods to their destination very quickly. They can carry a large array of items, anything up to roughly 20 kilograms and small enough to fit in a rider’s bag.

The costs are usually quite competitive for bicycle couriers as there are no fuel or road tax overheads that need to be added to the end price. Bicycles are really most suited for journeys up to a few miles in distance as once you get out the city centre and the traffic usually eases, the mileage to time ratio tends to tip back in favour of the motorised same day courier over the bicycle.

An entire community has evolved worldwide around the cycle courier industry, with dedicated websites and forums springing up to help connect cycle couriers from different countries. There is even a cycle messenger World Championships which is held annually in Melbourne, Australia.
This event is nearly 25 years old and consists of various bike races and competitions that cycle couriers from all around the globe are invited to compete in.

Cycle couriers in their respective cities are usually quite a close knit bunch, tending to frequent the same cafes and meeting places and really looking out for each other. Several charities and organisations have been formed in different cities to help cycle couriers should they fall on hard times or get injured whilst working.

So if you are in a city centre and have a small parcel or document that you need delivered somewhere not too far afield, the bicycle courier is more than likely your quickest and most cost effective option. Not only this but by using a cycle courier instead of a vehicle running on fossil fuels you are also making your own  small contribution to protecting the environment.